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Circles Sharpsburg Works

By Kathleen Stanley, Outreach Director
Adina joined our new Circles Class In March of 2019. Adina was a visitor at the Neighborhood Table where she found out about the Circles Program. She was 6 months pregnant and homeless. Adina was told that without a place to live and some type of income, that the hospital would have to turn her child over to CYF. We knew we had to move fast! In two months we were able to help Adina get on Cash Assistance, Food Stamps and we enrolled her into a program that will pay her rent for a year! Getting an apartment was a challenge even with a sponsor. Because of our community contacts we were able to have the background check, credit check and deposit waived. We are working to get her free furniture through Habitat for humanity. Adina welcomed her new son Amari Dior Gaston on June 2nd, 2019. Adina’s goal is to become a nurse.