Circles Sharpsburg is a financial literacy program that incorporates life coaching.
The program aims to provide families and individuals with the resources, support, community, and advice that they need to thrive.

Circles Sharpsburg is a local chapter of Circles USA, a nationwide organization with 90 locations across the country. 

The program aims to provide families and individuals with the resources, support, community, and advice that they need to thrive.  You will be paired with mentors (we call them allies) to help you create goals in eight different areas of your life, including finances.

The program meets every Tuesday evening from 6 to 7:30 at Roots of Faith in Sharpsburg.  This meeting will be with all of the other Circle Leaders, allies, and the circle’s coach.  A good meal will be provided, and we have childcare available!

As a Circle Leader you are responsible for creating your own goals and making an effort to achieve them.  Allies are there to be a friend.  They are there to listen, ask questions, and offer support and encouragement.  Your Circles Coach will be there to facilitate discussion and offer advice and resources.

It begins with a 6 week training.  Here you will work through the basic information taught in the course and establish relationships with your peers and allies.

The goal of the program is to help you establish goals and complete them.  We will work with you to make a plan for how you will accomplish these goals, and your peers and allies will provide encouragement and keep you accountable so you can achieve them.


What is a Circle “Leader”?

A Circle Leader is someone who takes the lead in their own life to become financially stable.

Circle leaders could be individuals or families who are just looking to get their finances in order or maybe they are dealing with generational poverty or situational poverty.  No matter your situation, we know you are here to improve your life or the life of your family for generations to come.

A Circle Leader might be a mom with 3 children struggling to find flexible employment and childcare to make ends meet; a Circle Leader might be a set of grandparents in retirement trying to raise their grandchildren; or a Circle Leader could be a 2 parent household trying to raise their 4 small children but have struggled with homelessness, substance abuse, or health concerns.  Oftentimes, individuals and families just need connections to resources, employment, and a supportive network of friends.  This is what Circles provides to Circle Leaders. 

To clarify, YOU are a Circle Leader.  You will be making your own goals and forming your own network.  Your Allies will be there as a friend to provide support, encouragement, and advice.  You decide the direction you want to take and we will help you get there.

What is a Circle “Ally”?

An Ally is an intentional friend, a volunteer looking for a meaningful impact experience which involves connecting with a Circle Leader by providing support as the Circle Leader is working toward their goals.  An Ally only has to be a friend, a consistent supportive individual, able to collaborate and cheerlead as a Circle Leader working towards economic stability. 

 After a Circle Leader completes their training, they will be matched with 1 to 2 Allies.

How can I volunteer?

Our current needs are for more Allies to be paired with new Circles Leaders and for group meals on Tuesdays.  For more information or to get involved, email Kathleen Stanley at

How to Get Connected:

Call: 412-799-0111


Address: 800 Main Street Sharpsburg, PA 15215


“I rarely miss a meeting and feel the difference we make in so many  lives. We have had many graduates and success stories.”

-Circles Participant


“We recently sponsored a free coat give away and it was the best feeling to see the excitement on the recipient’s faces. And how much they appreciated getting a new or almost new coat.”

-Circles Participant


“I have a new appreciation for how compassionate people in poverty are to other people and how much they give.  They give of themselves, they give from whatever resources they have.  Some of the Circles leaders I’ve met are the most compassionate people I’ve ever known.”

-Circles Participant


“Many of my Circle friends are working very hard for low pay.  Time is so precious and they must spend so much time doing things wealthier people do without a hassle.”

-Circles Participant

Circles Sharpsburg

Roots of Faith
800 Main St
Pittsburgh, PA 15215
Office Hours

Monday – Thursday


Circles Meetings

6pm Tuesdays


(412) 799-0111

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