Keisha Harrison

Roots of Faith Circles Program Coach

I’m Keisha Harrison, a proud wife and mother of five. I really love to travel and enjoy time with my family.  I’m the Circles Program Coach at Roots of Faith. My last position was doing investment banking for BNY Mellon Bank. Before that I worked for a non-profit organization called the Dollar Energy Fund, where I was the Income Coordinator for over 11 years. Being the Income Coordinator allowed me to help low-income families with their utility bills all year long. This was such a rewarding experience to help others. I’m very excited to be the new Circles Coach. It’s my calling to help as many people as I can.  The joy of helping others is my life mission. I have a saying, “I don’t want to give a hand out but a hand up!” God has blessed me with the spirit of compassion and this is my journey.  I’m so grateful and thankful to be the newest member of the ROF family.  I see good things ahead for us all.